Krzys Chwala

Hometown: Mount Prospect, Illinois
Voice Part: Baritone
Year: 2020
Major: Statistics & Data Science and Anthropology
College: Pierson

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a typo! No—it's Krzysztof Chwała: Polish superman extraordinaire. When he isn't saving rural Polish villages from apocalyptic destruction, Chewy (as he is lovingly known by his admirers) can be found shaking his groove thang with fellow Slavs, solving fundamental problems in statistics, or chilling with his best homeboy and fan-club president, Lech Wałęsa. But what is his super power, you ask? Just stare into Chewy's shimmering green(??? we need verification on this) eyes and radiant white smile, and you'll soon find yourself deep in a Warsaw Pact with this snuggly slavic superhero.