The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus has been delighting audiences around the world for nearly 80 years with its tight harmonies and inspired arrangements. Although the SOBs rely on frequent rehearsal and a highly talented membership to achieve this musical excellence, we also benefit from an unrivaled songbook. The Society's musical arrangements are recognized by a cappella aficionados on and off campus as exceptionally complex and intriguing, and they have served as the inspiration for a number of other singing groups across the country.

As decades have passed and musical tastes have evolved, so has the Society's repertoire. Each year, current members—and even alumni—submit new compositions and arrangements. In this way, we have amassed a collection of over 250 arrangements, spanning many diverse styles of music. At any one time, the Society has more than 30 pieces in its available repertoire—a mixture of old and new songs certain to please any audience in any setting.

It is our diverse repertoire, combined with our trademark spontaneity and sense of humor, that has kept so many different audiences around the world entertained for over seven decades. And as our songbook and humorbook continue to expand toward new horizons, you might just end up being the first audience to hear a new solo, arrangement or shtick! To find out more about booking us for your next event, you can drop by our bookings page.

Every couple of years, the Society records an album. A collection of time-tested favorites and new SOB arrangements, the album becomes available for sale to the general public… but more importantly, it is also added to the Society’s ever-expanding history and tradition of fine music-making. Each group of current SOBs has the opportunity to leave its mark on arrangements that date back to World War II, as well as to enrich its legacy with new tunes arranged by current group members. Taken together, these musical chapters are bound into a priceless volume of SOB history.